Bug-A-Salt 2.0, take arms against flying insects

On the other side of the inertness scale, how would sand work?

Another left handed unfriendly safety. Ugh.

Houseplants? - they might be fungus gnats living in the soil. Try putting a layer of sand down on top of the soil.

Hahhaahahaha houseplants. The only thing I have time/ability to keep alive is myself. And I am just barely succeeding at that.

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This was a well-timed post. I came home from work last night to discover a mysteriously large crowd of flies in my kitchen. This happened last year as well, and we never did figure out whence they came. Dead animal under the house? Infiltrating through the crack under the basement door? Not through an open window or door, at any rate. I swatted two dozen of them last night before my fly swatter actually fell apart. (To be fair, it got some heavy mileage during last year’s 2-day infestation.)

Anyway, since no disembodied voice was urging me to Get Out, I figured I’d order me this salt gun.

Thanks, Jason!

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Man, I should have gone with the Next-Day Shipping. This morning I brought the Swat Count up to 74!

It is neither a large nor gross kitchen, honestly.


Hmmm… you could get a good pest control guy to take a look at your place. Yeah it’ll cost you but i think it’d be worthwhile figuring out what’s causing the issue. But yes the bug-a-salt is awesome, i recommend it.

I had a similar, seasonal problem. Turns out it was the combo of an orchard and dairy farm near by, coupled with a sixties eara house with poorly sealed walls. The second the temp dropped, fly’s just wanted inside.

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I don’t think we have anything outside to encourage a large fly population. No poultry ranch or excessive blooms or anything. Our house is old (1909) and definitely far from airtight. And if the temperature is an issue, as far as I can tell they just want in to enjoy the shade, since it’s in the 90s outside right now.

I definitely gotta get a pest control guy in. I’m pretty sure the raccoon I saw on the porch roof night before last has found a way into the attic. And maybe one of his family members expired inside there or something.

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I’ve got some sort of something dead on the beach or cliff below the house. I hate keeping my windows and doors shut, but man oh man.


It used to be a problem for us, now not so much. The two things I did was get smaller can for food waste that uses bags. It gets emptied much more often and sealed up before going into the bin outside. I moved the outside bins away from the side of the house. Still get the occasional fly inside cause well summer and all but no more more chasing down 3 to 5 of them every evening at bedtime and various ones during the day.

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