My keynote from the O'Reilly Security Conference: "Security and feudalism: Own or be pwned"

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Excellent talk, Cory. Illuminating and alarming - as i have only a dim sense of DRM/DMCA and it’s implications. Less dim now. I particularly like that you suggest “hope” as a better response than optimism/pessimism. Very well said.


Property has always been a suckers game. What most in the IT security sphere caution about is ownership becoming asymmetrical. That if you don’t “own” a device, network, datum, software, etc. - that somebody else does. Somebody else meaning a hierarchy of ownership. But this falls prey to the delusion of propertarians generally, that everything is essentially property to be owned, and if you don’t own it, somebody else will.

Owning property is still as counter-revolutionary as it has ever been. The real battle is not to own things so that others don’t - it is that nothing is owned by anyone.

He didn’t even use his standard “Hal” voice set piece this time.

I generally like Cory’s speeches and keynotes and normally listen to them but over the last two years, I’ve been hoping for some new material. I understand he’s pushing a particular set of initiatives, so he has to bang certain drums, but I do get a little eye rolling about the EME and the W3C after a while.

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