My kids-and-grownups project book, Maker Dad, on sale for Kindle: 99 cents

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The title and subtitle of the book seem kind of pointlessly gendered. What about these projects makes them specifically appropriate for dads and their daughters? Or is this project just specifically interested in perpetuating the idea that only adult men have the capacity to teach technical skills and only female children have anything to learn about technical fields?

At least these girls will get to understand that technology is something fun they can do under daddy’s supervision, but they shouldn’t entertain any notions about growing up and continuing to work with these ideas and projects as adults - “It’s called maker DAD, honey, not Maker Mom!”

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I think I’ve asked this before, but is this available elsewhere, preferably DRM-free? Ideally I’d like to purchase this in the way that provides the most revenue to the author while simultaneously giving me the most freedom with my purchase.


Are Mark and his daughters pointlessly gendered? Because I think the book comes from his experience with his two daughters. Kind of like this woman


That’s right, David. Thanks!

Pointlessly gendered is a confusing way to ask the question.

There’s an idea that only adult men have the capacity to teach technical skills to female children. There’s also a real history of adult men failing to teach anything to their children of any gender identity.

The book title sets nicely in a resnonant space between a number of competing narratives about dads, girls and idenities.

It speaks to a romanticized ideal that negates troubling history about dads and daughters while also describing an authentic dad-daughter practice with potential to subvert that negation in interesting and helpful ways.

So . . . think I’m going to buy a paperback copy.

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