My Life on the Road: Headed for Texas, crazy cold in Claresholm

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How do you keep the fresh water tank from freezing at -17?


I miss Texas, but one piece of advice, don’t talk about politics. Enjoy the bbq and music.

While I understand the costs of diesel and propane to keep warm, the biggest reason we bought a MH (ours is a gasser) was to avoid sleeping in someone else’s dirt. I’ll gladly pay the fuel costs to avoid 85 bucks for a 2 star motel? Yikes.

p.s. we rarely travel in freezing weather but would rather boondock than pay for a motel,

I also wondered about the water and other systems that might freeze. I also wondered why they didn’t park the RV at the motel since they were guests there?

Good writing. Also, hello, fellow Weather Underground user!

Higher end RV’s have ‘basement heaters’ that can be set to a particular temp.
So the heating system also heats the ‘basement’ and in better systems it is also a circulating floor heater.
These aren’t just a Winnebago for a Disney Weekend, they’re high tech ‘spaceships’ on wheels…that can also cost about 250-400 k or more new. These are homes, not just RV’s. And like anything on wheels…buying used is smart

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Looking forward to this trip.

I’m sorry, but -7 is not crazy cold, regardless of what it feels like.
You did pick a good time to leave, however, Calgary is getting the freezing rain this morning.
Enjoy your trip!

This thread’s makin’ me feel better about my carbon footprint.

Low tonight in Texas hill country will be around 40f. Come on down.

You stopped in Claresholm and didn’t have any fried chicken??? Hang your head in shame, young man!

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