My life on the road: Marrakesh

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I started recording the calls to prayer while I was there last month.

There was a mosque that was practically next door to our AirBnB.


One of my most memorable images from Morocco back in the mid 90’s, was of an old man sitting on the curb, using a fist size rock to file down his toenails. You just don’t see that everyday!

Also if you get a chance to try the street food of a butterflied sardine, grilled over charcoal, and topped with minced mint leaves and a squeeze of lemon, don’t miss it.


Can’t wait to read the next installment!


Food and prices were pretty standardized in 1980 when I was there, too. What you’re seeing is a true free market, friend. Prices go down until people are just barely making money, because they live on very little to start with. Every stall is owned by a family, not by a deep-pocketed corporation attempting to drive others out of business. They have loyal customer bases from friendships and family ties, not so much from inventing the next fad food or two-for-one Tuesdays.

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