My On-the-go gaming set-up

I did, but my needs are near term, unfortunately. My office is also the guest bedroom, and we have a tonne of folks visiting this summer. I have Duet installed on my low end iPad, but it’s awfully flakey.

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Looks like it could also be a decent While-I-Go setup if you think you night be stuck in the bathroom for a while.

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I haven’t tried it yet, but the consensus seems to be that Astropad is considerably better than (a) Duet and (b) earlier versions of Astropad; they also do a dongle for your Mac which supposedly further reduces latency. Obviously, this is a great deal more appealing if you use an Apple Pencil.

I would guess that this new Sidecar feature will be at least as good, or probably better (because I don’t think they’d do it otherwise), and I assume Catalina and iOS 13 are already available in beta form if you wanted to try it.

('course, all these options are contingent on your hardware being supported)

Gato Roboto was great, but over way too soon. I could have easily enjoyed it at 4X the length.

After playing it, I had a hankering for more of the same vibe, so I am replaying Steamworld Dig on my Switch. I’ll probably play Steamworld Dig 2 after that…

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I think I would like a hybrid controller. I have never felt comfortable with awsd for walking about. So thumb joystick on the left, mouse on the right.

Hmm, I guess technically I can already do that since both USB inputs would still work.

I’m just thinking out loud here. Don’t mind me.


My portable setup is Surface Pro 5 (w/Retroarch) and an 8BitDo N30 Pro (Famicom gold/red). SimCity 4 is quite pleasant to play with the Surface pen.

You can greatly increase the portability by modding the docking station case with cheap kits off Amazon, this walks through the process.


Ain’t no shame in doing what you enjoy in your down time on vacation! You can’t run around all the time; sometimes its nice to relax, and for me that usually means watching or playing something when I’m sitting around.

Sounds like you could shed some weight and get a little better battery life if you used a power bank that can run the switch in docked mode. Then you won’t need to lose efficiency doing the DC -> AC -> DC conversion to run the switch wall wart.

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My friends and I have used exactly the same set-up for on-the-go games of Microscope.

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I have one of the ones on their excellent list. Does not run the Switch in TV Mode via a dock.

OMFG!! That is exactly what I primarily use them for! I thought Microscope would be a tad too obscure for the mutants, so I didn’t mention. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Albeit, I suppose I should include the binder clips in the On-the-go rig images. :slight_smile:


Have you ever tried gyro aiming? It basically is a hybrid solution, as you make fine movements up/down and left/right to adjust your aim similar to a mouse, but still have access to the left stick for moving, right stick for big camera movements, and all the buttons.

Like anything new, it might take some getting used to, but it has become the only way I will play those type of games.

You were saying? :slight_smile:


My youngest just made his own portable retro gaming system this weekend. He did all his own research and saved up to buy the parts. 8 hours of battery life.


I am just saying that among folks IRL who have heard of Microscope I have a damned difficult time finding any who actually want to play. So sue me already. :wink:


I must admit - I hadn’t heard of it…

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For such a simple game, it can be intimidating, especially if you’re adverse to roleplaying or writing. I know people who’ve found it to be an extremely handy brainstorming tool at their jobs, as well. But that’s not quite the same!


I use it solo as a narrative-building aid.

That’s awesome! Where his blog post?

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