These new monitors can bring a whole new shine to your WFH world

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I have the Duex portable monitor for my laptop, and I’m quite pleased with it. My company paid for it, since we are all working from home now; they gave us an equipment allowance for our home workstation setups.

I got the bundle from Amazon that included a kickstand, which is nice to have. When the Duex isn’t attached to my work laptop, I use it (with the kickstand) as an extra monitor for Roll20 D&D games, so I can have the map up on my big screen TV and my character sheet on the little monitor.

I did some searching around before buying it; there are other portable monitors out there, but this one has the advantages of 1. attaching to the laptop monitor, and 2. the most universally compatible USB cabling - a lot of them required either 2 cords (one of them for power), or a single USB 3.0 Thunderbolt port. This one works with USB 2.0 or (regular) USB-C ports, no Thunderbolt required.

Worth noting, Apple lets you use an iPad as a secondary display. It’s a really cool and underreported feature.

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