My Wahoo Tickr and Cadence sensors need replacement batteries

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Don’t put your batteries in the freezer. The condensation can ruin them

Seems a bit pricey really.

Being someone who does IT tech support, replacing CR2032 motherboard BIOS batteries is something that happens a few times a year.

I can pick up an 8pack (of admittedly generic/no brand type) from a local 99p store…

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I can’t believe that you can’t charge that c̶r̶a̶p̶ exercise equipment while you exert energy using it.


My heart still hasn’t needed a battery.

Small battery prices are insane. They are marked up crazy high so often that it’s really hard to find people who sell them for a reasonable markup.

My father can install a pacemaker if you’d like.


I used to get them commercially, in 500 qty for about $0.17 ea (Panasonic.). I’ve seen them sold in individual blister packs for $2.99.
That’s a sick profit margin.


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