When I Was a Kid, funny memoir about growing up in Malaysia


He has done a sequel http://iamboey.com/7986 “When I was a kid 2”

Reminds me a bit of Jim’s Journal in art and slice-of-life style. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Don’t worry, it was Face’s corvette.

Cute, I like his art style. Having said that - having an extra few minutes of flashlight time in the dark will save your life? And also, do batteries actually get more juice by being heated up? If so, how does THAT work?

Hard to say, but for modern batteries, everything I’ve read says cold is preferable to heat and cooler temperatures extend their life significantly. You’re even supposed to store long-term batteries in the fridge for best life!

Not sure about old-school alkaline batteries, but the same rules seem to apply. Heating a battery doesn’t sound like good advice.

Perhaps someone with more of an electronics or chemistry background can chime in for sure?

The only thing I can think of where anything remotely like this happens is how quickly my phone battery seems to die if I leave it in the car in the winter - and yet it comes back to life when it gets back up to room temperature.

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