Do not burn old flashlight batteries


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Probably wasn’t the best advice even then but perhaps marginally better for the environment than landfill.


Burning NiCad batteries are environmentally regrettable. Burning LiPo batteries are “get a new house”.

We’re pushing the limits of battery tech. Don’t fuck around with them.


agreed, the new ones, especially LiPo are so much more exciting


Well that seals it then, this Radio Shack Battery Club card is totally useless if I can’t even burn these crappy carbon batteries in the fire!


See, now I want to go and test that.


Keep a bucket of sand handy. Not child-safe toys.


And this is why God invented YouTube.



But how will I keep my home shipshape?



Eugh. “May help prevent soot formation”. How wishy-washy. I hope Popular Science rose above such frippery.


My father always used to pull apart old zinc-carbon batteries, and put the zinc and carbon on the coal fire. He did it to avoid having to sweep the chimney. I can’t see how such a tiny amount of material could clean a whole chimney, and he was a scientist, so I doubt if it convinced him either. We usually burned phurnacite which was not supposed to give as much soot anyhow. I cannot remember our chimney ever being swept.


Do not burn old flashlight batteries

Don’t tell me what to do



Can we get an “oddlyspecificadmonishments” tag for future posts?


I kept my LiPos in a little besa block house in the shed, with a single tile roof.


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