Sweet stocking-stuffer: an LED flashlight that clips onto a 9V battery

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Way to sell disposable batteries! This is an idea that came about 20 years too late.


FYI, the one you’re linking to on Amazon says it’ll arrive Dec 30 - Jan 22, although there are several similar ones that deliver faster than that.

Probably a good use for “used” 9v batteries if you’re one of those people who actually change their smoke-detector battery every six months :slight_smile:


Radio Shack hates this post!


All of my smoke detectors use AAs now. The 9V is slowly being rendered obsolete by low voltage electronics.

I have some older single-LED lights like these, they work for ne. But tte real benefit was making use of the 9V batteries taken out of smoke detectors. They still had life enough for tge flashlight.

But if you don’t have those former smoke detector batteries, one has to think through this. 9v batteries can h expensive, and are lesscommon, while tgere are endless flashlights out there that use cheaper and more common batteries. I have some small LED flashlights tyat use CR2032 button cells, which can be has for fifty cents each.

The claims ncher is that locally, smoke detectors now have to 9V li-ion batteries, to avoid that every six months replacement, or worse smoke detectors without useful.batteries. So the source of “free” 9V batteries have dried up. The single LED flashlight adapters I have won’t be yseful as is because I won’t be buying 9v batteries for them.

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A better use than some others, yes.


Now they’ve even got Cory shilling for Amazon? I guess resistance really is futile.


Same thing but for your USB battery.

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In a site where you can find numerous articles about pollution, e-waste, and the perils of rampant consumerism. We would like to direct you to this piece of cheap, plastic, electronic bullshit.

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10,000 hours, huh? How many hours with a crappy carbon battery that only lasted a couple hours in my transistor radio?

Searched for this in the UK, two sellers one charging £36 each and the other £39 hows that for a price difference

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