What's the best 9-volt snap light?

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Honest question: Is there a common use for 9v’s nowindays aside from smoke detectors? Trying to imagine having a spare 9V laying around and can’t.


The Pak-Lite seems a bit pricey at $25 each, compared to $9 for Blocklite.

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guitar pedals, some voltage meters, Coleco football, some lawn timers is all I can think of


Also some alarm clock/radios (backup battery), some walkie-talkies and some multimeters.

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Every one of my (circa 2000) Fluke multimeters. Who knows, maybe their current models are rechargable.

It sucks when you can’t find a working 9-volt to power your meter to find a working 9-volt. I suppose that’s why $deity gave us tongues.


My light meter and my kitchen scale. Admittedly, those are less common uses, esp. since I’ve given up on changing the battery in my kitchen scale and just leave it plugged in.

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I don’t like that they automatically include a 9v battery as part of the purchase. I already have a bunch of 9v batteries that I am trying to use up – that’s why this light looks interesting. How about the option, and maybe a slightly lower price, for a light that comes sans battery?

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I like your articles but:
Over at Cool Tools (I site I co-run) Sean Michael Ragan made a video about 9 volt snap lights. These are small cubes containing and array of bright LEDs that snap onto a 9 volt battery, giving you a compact flashlight.
Please spell check and proofread your work before you post it!

…and even more so, compared to, say, the Nitecore Tini, which is smaller, lighter, more durable, more adjustable (both brighter AND dimmer), has a permanent Li-Ion battery rechargeable via USB, and is about the same price.

…or the Nitecore Tube v.2.0, which is still a better small EDC flashlight, and only about $10.

…or any number of others.

“9-volt snap-on” is a pointless gimmick unless you have an unending free supply of half-used 9-volts (and I dunno about you, but the used 9-volts from my smoke/CO alarms are already pretty seriously depleted.)

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4 for $17 (rechargeable lithium 9v) sounds a little too good to be so, but $40 for 6 seems high unless that’s your ultimate frisbee team’s jam.

Uh your…not Uber is here.

Does anyone know what’s a good thing to have projecting on the front of the car to gently suggest drivers turn something lighted on when it’s night that’s maybe She-Ra (Thrownetra?) themed?..yeah, I punched opalescent in there and got a battery powered Damien Hirst or sugar skull options there. Phone it in and paint glitter irises on the headlight lenses?

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an oversize truck that signalled
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If you’re in the music production business, you probably do have an endless supply.

I have the BlockLite. It’s as bright as Richard Feynmann, runs on replaced smoke detector batteries and/or Sunbeams from Dollar Tree. Cost eight bucks a couple of years ago.

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That is the problem with these. There is never a spare battery. There are always flashlights that need batteries so I’d assume this would just sit in a drawer waiting for a battery one day. Hand generator flashlights are by far the best.

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