Myanmar: Ongoing Updates


3 June 2022

F me. I saw a headline re the two execution items and hadn’t seen who. :cry:

They’ve sentenced a law student to 20 years and the reason is not yet known, to the public at least.

Magway University Interim Administrative Council announced on 20 March that they could confirm news that detained students and lecturers of Magway University were being severely tortured in various ways. According to secret letters sent by the detainees, junta authorities sometimes make them eat the rice mixed with dirt/dust, do not provide enough water and restrict them to take a bath only once a week. Also, juntas force them to walk around with naked feet under the burning sun when the daily temperature is around 95°F in Magway Division during daytime.

Despite being in critical conditions of mental and physical health, the severely injured detainees are not allowed to receive any medical treatment in the prison till now. Therefore, the Interim Council urged for help for the detainees who are suffering both physically and mentally.

Our person was recently convicted and sentenced. Not to death.


9 June 2022
More of just a thread bump. I got curious about ICRC’s access to prisoners. They were given it in 2013 but as I understand it they haven’t been given access after the coup. There was a meeting last June:

ICRC has continued supporting IDP’s after the coup.


15 June 2022
The coup regime is keeping the home fires burning.

I didn’t know much about Johns Hopkins Professor Karl D Jackson, but he’s being criticized for going to Myanmar to give the bogus “Union Election Commission” a photo op. New Light of Myanmar is the voice of the propaganda ministry.

For more coherent thoughts on US Policy, State Counsellor Derek Chollet was interviewed recently by The Irrawaddy and called the ruling military “a bunch of thugs.”

NUG says there have been nearly 2800 war crimes committed by junta forces in the past six months.

Annd the post-coup economy is in such shambles, the World Bank has no idea what to make of it:

The economy of Myanmar has contracted so sharply since the military coup on Feb. 1, 2021 that the World Bank has declined to issue growth forecasts for the country beyond fiscal 2021.

“Forecast[s] for Myanmar beyond 2021 are excluded because of a high degree of uncertainty,” the World Bank stated in its Global Economic Prospects report released on June 7.

In other words, things are so unstable no one wants to be on the hook for pinning the tail on the GDP donkey. (Gross Donkey Product?)


22 June 22
UK has expanded sanctions.

The Diplomat asks if the EU is so against the death penalty, why aren’t they doing more about Ko Jimmy and Phyo Zeya Thaw? Will EU wait until they’re hanged to express their late outrage?

Outrage served fresh: UNHCHR Michelle Bachelet condemns “systematic and widespread tactics” by the military against the civilian population.

ASEAN’s 16th ever Defense Ministers Meeting (ADMM) is scheduled in Phnom Penh today, with addenda meetings the following day on video for military medicine and for gawd knows why on counter terrorism in Moscow the next day, being coordinated under a “myanmar.ewgct” gmail address so WTF?

I don’t know the status of calls to not invite the junta:


29 June 2022
Time flies and yet Brad Sherman remains trapped in his Rohingya script from 2017. BUT good news, he did meet with Aung Kyaw Moe the Rohingya advisor. I am very certain his 2/3 tweet was not reflective of that conversation because, well, it’s a lie and he’s been corrected many times now.


He’s attaching great importance to the fact that Aung Kyaw Moe is an “advisor to” the NUG and (in his understanding) technically not a member of the NUG.

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I’m fine with that. The repeated lie is 2/3 - NUG has absolutely spelled out a plan embracing citizenship rights for people born in Myanmar and further said that includes rights of children of such people who are born abroad (i.e. refugee camps). He’s been corrected on this numerous times.

AKM is a very cool guy, so it’s great that they met. And it is also true that NUG must formalize a Rohingya role with real influence, whether that is Aung Kyaw Moe or another Rohingya leader. Without doing so, it puts this terrific person and resource in a terrible spot where they appear to be a PR gambit by NUG. He has been very careful in his statements about this role and reached out to many in the Rohingya community to also spell out his own stance - which is spot on in representing their wishes. This 2/3 tweet from Sherman though (I’m certain, having been watching Sherman on this issue for a year and a half now) doesn’t come out of that meeting. It’s Sherman’s script which he keeps repeating and keeps having people correct. For example, when he made this same assertion in front of the State Dept. witnesses during a public hearing (in which he also claimed that Aung Kyaw Moe’s position did not even exist more than 9 months after the appointment), the NUG policy I just mentioned was immediately RE-circulated live to all of the committee members by committee staff. Sherman’s foreign affairs advisor had already been told about this policy months earlier and there were public tweets also blasting Sherman in response to his tweets at those times which are almost identical to this tweet 2/3.


1 July 2022

  • Junta flew a MIG into Thai airspace. Oops. Sorry. Annnd apology accepted. Instantly. Gotta keep that gas flowing.
  • Apparently Tatmadaw air just bombed Tatmadaw troops. I have killed the link, sorry, but regardless of house rules which this probably also violates, I am not going to post depictions of what even appear to be war casualties. I’m also undecided as to the authenticity of the claim and too tired to deal with it TBH.
  • Obo prison in Mandalay is a complete fuckfest. There was a riot not too long ago, they locked over 100 prisoners in a putrid fish warehouse as punishment for celebrating DASSK’s birthday, and the regime has arrested several lawyers who had only come to the prison to attend hearings in which their clients are on trial.

Late add:

  • I was sure I posted this way back when the article came out. But anyway, per one of the links about, a large number of prisoners were transferred from Monywa to Obo prison. The people of Monywa are some tough nuts to crack. There’s a phrase applied to them that is nearly impossible to translate so I won’t try, but this is a good read. My own contribution? Maybe co-opt the phrase already co-opted by the lovely people of Philadelphia.
    Monywa: F-ck Around And Find Out.