#Mynypd hashtag attracts photos of police violence and abuse




Not surprised. Frankly the NYPD could care less what the public thinks. This is the same people that were spying illegally on Muslims and on the Occupy members.


It just helps them build a file of twitter users to investigate.


I know Corry dislikes internal capitalization, but for goodness sakes, “Mynypd” instead of “myNYPD”??? NYPD is an initialization, for goodness sake. You are supposed to capitalize it in standard orthography. And why would you capitalize the “m” in “my”? The hashtag isn’t a proper noun.

That being noted, the myNYPD hashtag is a terrific own goal. What did they think would happen?


The NYPD resents that you would make such unfounded accusations! They were merely surveilling foreign and domestic terrorists…


“It just helps them build a file of twitter users to investigate.”

And gets everybody else focused on the issue of police behavior by virtue of a lot of people making a big stink about it. Kind of a double-edged sword there…


Hey, their actions are simply lawful but awful!


The introduction of a state mandated smartphone remote kill-switch would make a lot of the media attention for this type of digital hooliganism disappear.





The original article title should be; "NYPD’s hashtag campaign backfires wonderfully".


It is the internet. It is Twitter. Who the fuck cares about inititializtion, internal capitalization, or standard orthography?
People tend to get sick of cops beating people up with impunity.

Pardon me for saying this for the umpteenth time, but, fuck this shit.


…And how do we know that they were terrorists?
Why else would the NYPD have been surveilling them? The system works!


Just a few bad apples, surely.


Can we start calling “Asking Twitter questions for which you’ll get answers you won’t like” as Jenny McCarthying?


I keeping seeing the photos of the NYPD cop in his dress uniform (with ribbons) looking enraged & punching people. What’s the story behind this?


B… but our Social Media Expert™ told us that using social media would make rainbows and lollipops come out our asses.


I don’t know exactly which photo you’re talking about, but a Google Reverse Image Search would probably answer your question. Just right click on the photo and select “copy image location”. Then paste that URL into google and hit the “images” tab. It will do a reverse search and probably track down the original source.


I’ve been using Tin Eye for that task for several years. Always wondered why Google never bought them.


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