Wild cop conspiracy rumor


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Sounds like someone is trying to bootstrap a revolt. It even included the how-to.


Maybe the larger story is that reason.com posted something reasonable.


It sounds like someone is playing the terrorism strategy games from last nights episode of Limitless.


About 50% of what Reason posts is reasonable. I agree almost 100% with their civil liberties view, and about 0% with their free-market free-for-all view.


I am not a regular reader, but my own private forum members only post the most cray-cray of the free market right wing stuff.

So bias on my end certainly.


Was going to say that same thing. On civil rights, I’m generally nodding in agreement, but they tend to disconnect economic from political stuff way too much for my tastes, and of course free market doesn’t not solve our woes, and probably just compounds them, especially with regards to civil rights.


The NYPD has a long history of not liking protesters in masks since the anarchists destroyed stuff in masks at the Republican convention in NYC a few years back. New York City basically banned large gatherings of people in masks most days except on October 31st each year. The folks who protested against the church of scientology where upset a few years ago because they felt the masks where needed to conceal their identity from the organisation’s possible reprisals/dirty ops.


And here’s the obligatory scene from V For Vendetta that always get posted in forum posts about this sort of thing hahah


Wait, are you guys saying this thing is not a complete hoax? Because it looks like a pretty obvious hoax.

Oh, and the NYPD Intelligence Bureau is not the FBI.


Where is that fake halloween candy safety video that’s running around FB when I need it?


I see what you did there.


I’m going to need a way to dynamically update the list of things that frighten cops. Here’s the most recent list:

Blinking LEDs
Black/Brown adults and children
Direct eye contact
Peaceful protests


“That’s quite a tale.” or other wise known as bullshit.


I, for one, welcome our new cop-subjugating insurrectionists.


Speaking from some experience, the people who are pro-free market usually are dependent on the market for their careers.

Of course, they don’t see the conflict of interest. (Very human, to be fair.)


Cops are a cowardly and superstitious lot.


Minorities and liberals: Stay inside on Halloween, the police are about to lay down some beatings.


Habitats for the Homeless


I find the same thing, and would describe my politics as half libertarian, half socialist. It feels so reasonable to me, and yet I’m so alone in this.