Citizen journo who videod Eric Garner's murder now hounded by NYPD


God damn it. What the hell is wrong with those guys?


So much Freedom™




I was just thinking how amazing Molly Crabapple’s journalism is when I suddenly realized the illustration to the article that I had been separately admiring was her work as well.


This is the entirely predictable result of there never being any accountability and real consequences for their actions. After a few decades of “wah wah wah our job is so hard that we should get a free pass on everything”, they’ve learned to be just another armed gang, because, well, why not? Who’s going to stop them?


There is no reason to wonder why when a guy walking down the street is approached by these pigs and harassed because he “touched his wasteband” has had enough.

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We don’t need no more Unicorn Chasers. We need more Police Chasers.

This is awful.

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No actual waistband-touching necessary.


“who’s going to stop them?”

This is a very relevant question to be asking come election time.

Kinda starting to seem like the corruption is a feature, not a bug. Is it totally crazy to imagine that those who would benefit financially from a private, national police force could be encouraging this kind of behaviour? Or are the cops so power crazed and murderously corrupt that no extra motivation is required? Just leave them to their own devices and ensure every corrupt, fascist action is documented for the public to pore over.

Maybe the terms of police wage/benefit/job security contracts should be the same as all other public employees. Then the hypocrisy of the right would be made plain, at least in regard to unions.

Wish these fuckers would stop dirtying the good name of Andy Sipowicz.

Oh wait, I forgot that non-criminal NYPD only exist in fiction.

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