Mysteries of the Unknown: Inside the world of the strange and unexplained


I remember reading as a kid, “Ripley’s Believe it or not!”, my dad had a few hardbound collections of the magazine “hidden/tucked” away between all the books and junk he kept on a separate room.

The stories I most remember are the ones relating to ancient Egypt and mummies and curses, I don’t know if I ever thought it was real, but it felt real enough and I loved reading those stories when I was sure no one was looking.

This sounds like a good book to just, casually, leave lying around in my house, hoping the kid will find it. :wink:


I love the heading “BE AN INSTANT EXPERT”. These mysteries cover a pretty broad range of disciplines: archaeology, history, biology. That makes being an expert in unexplained mysteries a pretty cool thing. Although one mystery that’s not covered in the book is why customers who bought it also bought this:


Did anyone else hear the theme song from “In Search Of…” in their head while reading this article?

When I was a teen I got my hands on Fort’s Book of the Damned, and devoured it more than once, which is fine for a book but one should never do that with food. It wasn’t until many years later it occurred to me most of those stories are simply fiction. America has a long tradition of tall tales, and it seems like small town newspapers would just print whatever copy showed up.


My wife bought me some of this for a rash, and while it didn’t help the rash, I have had no problems with mummies, zombies, or flying saucer abduction since I used the product.


Case closed!

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Yeah, and besides the obvious fictional stories there are ones that simply ignore what’s known – the Easter Island moai aren’t really that mysterious, nor are the Nazca lines, etc. Part of the motivation for seeing such things as “mysterious” is old-fashioned colonial-style racism – the idea that the ancestors of mere “natives” built these things is less attractive than the idea that aliens, or Atlanteans or whatever had to have built them.


Not exactly…

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What is/are the active component(s) in the venom of the box jellyfish?

See, I can still ask questions that aren’t answered in that stupid book.

Cool! An Instant Expert! How do I get on TV?

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