Mysterious black ring seen floating over England


Looks like a vortex picked up some dust. Pretty cool; I’ve only seen ones produced by people or dolphins.

Edit: for example:


I’m convinced.

I saw several of these while in US Army basic training, and they were indeed smoke rings. The simulated atomic explosions for training produced a realistic mushroom cloud, but after a few minutes most of it dissipated, leaving just the opaque black ring hanging in the air for a very long time. They look very solid and spooky.

That seems like just the kind of thing a UFO denier would say…


I’ve seen several Flying Objects that were Unidentified at the time, and some of them still are. The rest… Who knows.

These rings are commonly visible at Burning Man, the result of some types of flame cannons.


These rings are the result of transformer explosions. There are plenty of videos of this happening; here is one from Chicago’s Wicker Park a few years ago:


I believe the ones at Burning Man are intentionally created to be smoke rings. My impression here is that these rings operate on the same physical principles that smaller smoke rings do, the ones that are made by people who smoke. Here’s one I photographed in 2008:

They’re produced by any kind of fireball on a still day, when I used to be a professional firebreather I could create them on purpose, most definitely not a UFO.

I’m pretty convinced that this is a smoke ring, whatever caused it (s funny , you d think explosions or something would have been reported in connection, but whatever). The neat thing is that I first saw this story on my facebook feed, as an uber mysterious U.A.P. ring story, but directly below was a video playing, somehow put there by facebook, of a burning man festival smoke ring machine, creating an absolutely identical ring (eventually). The ability to perfectly replicate sightings can be seen as legitimate debunking. So, it’sstrange that facebook instantly debunked the story for me.

Unidentified Floating Object?

IFO. Identified floating object. A smoke ring for sure.
As there were no immediate sources coming forward to say whether it was a transformer/etc fault, it may have been made purposefully, testing for the festival season.

These rings are clearly the result of Burning Man army training transformer flame canon UFO dust vortexes.

According to the BBC it was caused by Warwick Castle…

A Warwick Castle spokesman said they had been testing “fire effects” to go with the daily firing of the Trebuchet Fireball - a giant catapult.

Warwick Castle, you had me with trebuchet.

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This looks like a splendid day out.

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