WATCH: freaky smoke vortex sightings continue




Take a look at this video - some folks used a five gallon bucket, some gasoline and a Saturn airbag to create a smoke ring:


These are fun to make. I learned it from a guy who has been doing this at Burning Man for the better part of a decade now. Here’s a good video of the device that produces the rings:


Shut up! It’s supernatural!


I thout it was alients




Aliens were obviously helping ze Germans during WWII …

A German 50-millimetre anti-tank gun hidden in the tufted desert had fired three shots which destroyed A1, killing Sergeant H.G.E. Maffey and badly wounding Bombardier Sim. Sgt Maffey, born England, 18 Jan 1917, was a regular soldier and very popular. The smoke ring which rose from the burning vehicle to a great height was called Maffey’s Halo.



I don’t know, I’d be lookin fer a guy in a grey bathrobe with a matching tall pointy hat. Just sayin.


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