Photos of triumphant ghosts escaping lightbulb and coffee mug prisons


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Ghosts in my coffee? Well that would explain a lot of things.




That reminds me of the Id-monster from Forbidden Planet.


For those that haven’t seen ferngully or need reminding how awesome Tim Curry is.


Did that poor light bulb explode? I’ve never had that happen.



What are you? A bunch of superstitious heathens? Those aren’t ghosts. Just talk to any electrical engineer, and he or she will set you straight*.

It’s magic smoke:

*And before you wonder, EE’s only come in strict male and female types. They used to be analog, but times change and EE’s only do digital now.


There’s your Magic Smoke. Not a ghost after all.


Somebody get that guy a containment suit, stat.


Note that the second photo was taken by Brian Wecht of Game Grumps.


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