Existence of ghosts proven


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Existence of ghosts proven!


Oh, you are a wag, sir.


So that’s what my rubber nipple is doing in the afterlife.


I’m convinced. That’s one spooky splodge.



For some value of “impressive” and an entirely orthogonal value of “clear.”


I thought this was the most impressive evidence.


I can just picture The Mirror reporter telling this guy that they need some establishing shots to show that he’s an actual ghost hunter. “Here, look at this crucifix, that ought to do it.”

"I’m sincere in my beliefs, as I have a ghost hoodie and can ID Jesus on command": Chris says the picture is one of the clearest and most convincing he’s seen and that it isn’t just a random bit of compression artifacts.


It’s true that decades of blurry, fuzzy blobs have set the bar very high.


Certainly the most well choreographed evidence that I’ve ever seen. As further proof, I no have that song and “Jump into the line” haunting me right now.


Linda Ronstadt is dead?


“But all spirits prey on the vulnerable and drain their life energy - this is what they feed off in order to manifest.”

Clearly, these guys are unbiased experts, who really know their stuff… somehow.


lucent’s flaming arsehole?!


How about a NSFW warning next time?


Hey, give 'em a break. The world is NSFW.


It’s not a dick, it’s a butt:


So the owner doesn’t want the venue named because “…fears if word gets out that there is ghost it will scare away the young families.”

What about the fact:

"The church is situated on a mass grave where they dumped bodies of plague victims and bones have been known to surface when it rains.

“It’s a very creepy building and there was a lot of activity on the night the picture was taken. The bathroom itself is believed to have four bodies lurking below it where hanging victims were buried.”

I guess that isn’t an issue for the families, but a ghost is a deal breaker.


Oh, my god, and to think I’ve wasted my life… 58 years!… doubting the existence of the spirit world.



First the Daily Mirror gives the world Piers Morgan, now they give us this. They truly are a British treasure.

(To be fair, they also support Hope Not Hate, which means they are the least worst of the British tabloid newspapers.)