Worst ghost photo ever




Enhance! Whatever it is, it’s wearing sunglasses.


And all these years I thought dad’s holiday slides were just boring and exposed wrong - turns out he was taking pictures beyond the veil!


I think thats a goatse.cx


But, it is a ghost, right?


I absolutely must find out where he got an iPod Touch that uses film. It would be the coolest camera on the block.


A terrible ghost photo, but a great example for Betteridge’s law.


…and with that, Wikipedia’s List of Eponymous Laws becomes my favorite new time-suck…


Looks like a still image from Predator to me.


As an invisible creature and thus an expert on the topic, my definitive answer to the question is “Maybe.”


Mostly Discrete Cosine Transform artefacts IMHO


“Is this the ghost of White Lady of Rufford?”

What, the one pixel, or the other one?


I’m still waiting for pareidolia to kick in…


Computer, … enhance!

There, that should do it.


It’s Sylvia Browne!

She got lost on the way to the Toys R Us in Sunnyvale.


Ghostse Enhance! (possibly nsfw)


An excellent article about the photo:


Quote from the article:

“I was quite surprised and was not expecting it”.

is followed by

"I believe in ghosts and the supernatural and this has further convinced me that they do exist, " he said.


Where the hell do you work?


No. Any more questions?

To quote Jimmy Carr:

There’s a foolproof way to tell if your house is haunted: It isn’t.