An artificial intelligence populated these photos with glitchy humanoid ghosts


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These do not look like ghosts. They look like photoshop glitches.


What were 19th and 20th century photographic ghosts, but the glitches in analog photography (camera light leaks, lens and film flaws, development issues, double exposures)? In some sense these are 21st century ghosts. The moving images certainly feel like digital ghosts. But visuals aside, yeah, it doesn’t quite seem like “ghost” is exactly the right label, somehow. The deliberate erasure (and glitchy reconstruction) puts them in another category.


Reminds me of Greg Bear’s somewhat disturbing and scary book _Dead Lines and its tech-spawned ghosts.


O ye of little faith.


I forgot “random, out-of-focus bugs on the lenses.” “Spiders on security cameras” is one of my favorite genres of 20th century ghosts.






It’s probably just Cybermen trying to break through.


AI is able to see what humans cannot. Muahahahaha!


I think they look like caterpillars.


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