Mysterious green slimy foam emerges from Utah sewer


@pesco the comment link is b0rked.

anyway @slybevel what the heck is in the water there?


That Soylent plant has been nothing but trouble.


I’m not sure I like the direction they’re taking with the new TMNT movies. I don’t recall the comics being quite this grimdark.


That’s odd.

They have mysterious slime emerging from the sewers in Queens, too, but it’s orange.



as usual, the hazardous, foreign objects are in the bike lane.


Can you use this to clean your keyboard?


It’s not a big deal, just planetary alignment day.


It slices, it dices, it eats you alive!


Sewer dwellers are frothing mad about the new Ghostbusters movie.


But what does it [taste like]((


I came here to put up the horrific poster for that.

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