What was really in Nickelodeon's green slime


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That’s odd that at the end of that interview, Marc Summers said that was a great way to make a living, because in just about every other interview he’s given, he said he hated that job because of the slime and his having OCD.


What was really in Nickelodeon’s green slime?

I don’t know.


I learned all I needed to know about green slime in this documentary.


It just occurred to me to be surprised Gygax didn’t sue. Is there evidence of a prior art? Does anybody know of a pre-70s green slime?


I got slimed on double-dare as a kid. I don’t remember too much about the experience anymore, but I didn’t feel the slime having anything that felt like oatmeal in it.


The You Can’t Do That on Television version definitely had oatmeal. You could see it pretty clearly" the slime resembled a chunky milkshake more than a gelatinous goo. I’d be surpriaed if they didn’t have a different slime formula for every show, all very loosely inspired by the Canadian original. The slime fountain added to Nickelodeon Headquarters at Univerdal Studios wouldn’t work with either of these, for example.


Different slime for different…needs.


Isn’t it ironic?


IMHO, I think the fundamental thing Nickelodeon gets wrong is that many homemade slimes you see being recreated on the internet are based on the popular kid’s toy - Slime - which came in a miniature plastic trash can and was made by Mattell.
This was introduced in 1976, 3 full years before You Can’t Do That on Television, and 1 year before Nickelodeon.

Don’t get me wrong, but you gotta give credit where credit is due.


Was thinking about the same thing. “Slime” was followed by “Slime - It’s Alive” which had a pair of eyeballs in it. But I didn’t remember this one:


What’s wrong with Portland cement?


Don’t forget about the Masters of the Universe!


Referring to my link above, which didn’t get included in this quote for some reason.


I seriously loved YCDTOT!


Now the slime don’t ooze
To the beat of just one drum
What might be slime for you
Might not be slime for some



Christine McGlade, aka ‘Moose’; one of my favs from that show.

Good times.


@Mindysan33 @Melz2

It’s also my opinion that the green slime gag is simply a carry-over from earlier gags, like Mr. Moose (what a coinki-dink) and his ping-pong ball gag he’d always play on Captain Kangaroo…


GAH! It’s an endless recursive loop!