What was really in Nickelodeon's green slime


She was the best!


Her ongoing ‘beef’ with Alistair was always entertaining…


Turns out, there was a really good interview with her on HuffPo a few years back…


I liked it very much, but it looks pretty unrelated. Do you know something?



And whatever they called the Slime with rubber worms in it.

It’s a good thing that Nickelodeon devised their own slime recipes, because IIRC the Mattel Slime was a real chore to get out of hair.


I guess not.


I think the key thing here is “it started off as” and “we used” aren’t necessarily contradicting statements.


I recall that my mom came home with a whole case of Slime for me when it came out. Seems she knew the chemist who created it through work and he was giving cases to all his friends who had kids. I’m quite sure she came to regret that.

And carpet. See above.


I remember buying some off-brand Slime out of a gumball-type vending machine. It didn’t last long; I dropped it on the carpet and it wouldn’t come out. Mom wasn’t enthused…

EDIT: Just saw this…



I just remembered this YCDToT spin-off:

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