Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow toy (1977)


I had one of these as a kid. I loved everything farm animals at the time. I would have been 7 when this came out.


I didn’t have one of these but do recall seeing them advertised. The comment about tablets being popular in the 70’s reminded me of a black plastic scuba diver toy with a yellow air tank. He came with tablets that went inside the tank. When placed in water he would dive and surface alternately. It was bath time magic.


Is anybody else having issues with embedded YouTube video on bb on iOS 7, latest release?

This is awesome, the little tikes can make their own version of the korova milk bar, and have Milkie squirt out drug-laced “milk.” Mmmmmm


I can’t remember if I had one or if it was one of the kids down the street, but we put real milk in the cow’s water trough because we wanted to drink real milk, which worked great on the 1st day but about a month later, this was a really, really bad idea. Milky stank like holy hell and got tossed soon after, similar scenario for “Baby Alive” who we also fed real milk. I wouldn’t let my mom throw her out but she smelled so bad no one would play with her. There is a moral in there somewhere.

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I had this toy and I loved it. Nowadays, I have a hard time explaining to anyone what it looked like and was capable of.

My cousins had this. I was incredibly envious of it, and every time we visited them, I wanted to get it out and play with it. Great times.

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