TV commercial depicts giant nipple UFO squirting milk into children's mouths


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I think those are called udders. Alien udders.


I am neither shocked nor offended. I do not need to speak to the manager.


I am fairly certain there is some hentai of this already in existence if someone was brave enough to search for it.


Cows in Space!

The milk is always cold.


What part was weird? Most Japanese are lactose-intolerant?


Not at work I won’t


That’s some astonishingly good aim! I was expecting milk to spray everywhere and klds would dance soaked in it, like the end of Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker video.


me: Reads title
me: guesses it’s from Japan
me: clicks
me: not disappointed


This ranks up there with the horse-head Mentos commercial for me. Brilliant. Fucking brilliant!


This probably related to all those stories of UFOs mutilating cattle.

Of course then I would expect them to be spraying hamburger instead of milk.


This explains so much.


In a more alien-like fashion these cows should be kept in sterile, gloomy chrome-steel cells, drugged and raped by object insertion often.
Oh wait, that’s the common human approach to human-cow-relations. Never mind then.


I keep hearing that from the West but by my observations they sure do consume lots of dairy product.


Before coming to China, I was told the same about the Chinese by my professor, who is from China. Nevertheless, milk and other dairy products are sold everywhere.


The night before last I was lulled into sleep by the cowbells of some cows on an alpine pasture near my hotel. I can honestly say that few things are as soothing as this.


“How wonderful!”

(God, I miss that show.)


That sounds very nice. Some cows are just that lucky.

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