Milk bottles with cattle mutilation/UFO theme!


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A Clockwork Orange taught me that moloko is Russian for milk.


And here I thought Molocow was a character in Children of the Corn.


well, that’s a “buy one and let it sour on the bookshelf with my Orbitz and OK Cola”





Implied in the abduction part?

Unless those flying bits and bobs in the illustration mean it’s not a tractor beam but some really sadistic matter scrambling type action going on. Damn aliens.


I’d buy just the bottle.


These are fantastic, but wildly impractical. There’s a reason milk comes in boxlike containers.


Maybe those saucers are the ones responsible for abducting all of my local milk delivery people!




“Dammit, Scottie, the transporter is turning those cows inside out again!”


Clicked, saw no mutilation. Bait successful. I want my click refunded.


“And then they exploded!”


Just the thing for a night of ultraviolence, eh?

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