Someone is draining the blood from cattle, leaving them looking like "deflated plush toys"

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“Endangered Species”, with Robert Urich, 1982. Damn near impossible to find this movie anywhere, but this is the plot.

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You know, it’s 2019, the world is on fire, and Trump is in office. “Slow news day” is no longer an excuse.


@pesco got this yesterday.

Also nobody is doing this other than nature.
Gee all the soft tissue is gone which the scavengers go for right away. The blood pools to bottom of the corpse and is easy food for all the insects. Dehydration makes amazingly good tears where the bugs have entered that look ‘precise’.

The ranchers are invested in it being anything other than natural causes as they don’t get insurance money for that.


Well, it isn’t surprising a dude ranch is jumping on the cattle mutilation market.

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I started wondering if we have become part of a social experiment regarding fake news, our ability do discern them, and how we react.
Is this a test or are those flying tyrannosaurs deflating our cattle with surgical precision?

I have watched the process of insects devouring cattle and deer carcasses in a matter of days. Some ant colonies are so quick about it that the flies barely get a share. They start their meat-mining at the obvious entrances, eyes, mouths and anuses. After less than a week, more like three days, only a skin-bag of bones remains.
There’s nothing mysterious about this at all.

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