Very stable geniuses are blaming 10,000 cattle heat deaths on President Biden, who apparently poisoned them to force us to eat "fake toxic meat"

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Why is it that it seems we’ve moved from Post Onion into Nuevo World Weekly News?


You just wish they could grasp the idea of “detumescence” but as the Dead Kennedys sang, sometimes if they just stopped long enough to take some shit they might have half a brain left. (A Child and His Lawnmower)


My cousin’s wife’s hairdresser’s boyfriend says that the cows died because they had parasites and there weren’t any Ivermectin left for them. Yeeeee-haw!


I long for simpler times when cattle deaths were blamed on the true culprit…

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Sigh. People who can barely ID which end of the cow moos are just sooo sure that there isn’t natural explanations for a bunch of cow deaths - despite 30 secs of googling will show several other examples of similar die offs.


No quick, but unworkable, high tech fix from Musk?



“Google is just part of the Fake News Network.”

See how easy that is?

Seriously, I really don’t know what’s wrong with these people.


Everything is the Democrats’ fault, always, without exception. I’m sure these people shake their fist at the sky and curse Biden and the commie gay agenda every time they stub their toe, oversleep or have their fast food order screwed up.


I confess this is far, far dumber than I was expecting. I knew that the reactionary climate change deniers would continue to deny everything before it happened, but denying it as it happens is breaking my brain. I really thought there would just be a change in narrative (e.g. “well, it’s not that bad,” “we can’t do anything about it,” or even “it’s the fault of the libs”), not… this. I can’t even adequately describe what “this” is.


The Democrats control the weather, the skies, the way people think; the Democrats secretly watch over us all, and dispense life and death with God-like powers. The Stable Genius Rebellion is powerless: their guns are useless against forces such as this. They could all be gay tomorrow, if that amused our shadowy overlords. Pray you do not catch their attention.

If they really believed that, you might have thought they would be a bit more polite.


I despair, I honestly do.


There is a lot of articles and discussion here about the utterly stupid things people “on the other side” do or say, and I do wonder if that is a productive use of time and attention. I know that I don’t feel any better after reading or discussing that kind of outrage porn, and I find it does not motivate me to do anything, quite the contrary, it drains my energy. YMMV.

Maybe I’ll buy me a good book instead?

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Careful there.

You’re getting dangerously close to suggesting that there is some problem where the solution is not “more guns”.

I would suggest “their guns are the only thing standing between us and $terrible_fate” is more on brand.

Otherwise spot on.


According to the Kansas Livestock Association, the die off has been caused by a sharp increase in temperatures and very high humidity, leading to heat stress. Cattle die offs due to extreme heat and humidity occur regularly, just not usually this many at once, especially in Kansas. Parts of Kansas reached 108 degrees (not 90’s).

But I’m sure the Kansas Livestock Association is a hotbed of Biden Green New Deal marxism and are thrilled to get those fake Gate’s Steaks to consumers.


Just when I start to think people can’t possibly get any dumber, someone comes along and says “Hold my bleach cocktail.”


They’re scared and ignorant and lacking in critical thinking skills. They know their lives are changing for the worse, but rather than facing their own culpability (e.g. voting for Republicans and thus against their own economic self-interest for 40 years) or acknowledging that there are hyperobjects beyond their control or grasp they instead engage in denialism and magical thinking and scapegoating and conspiricism.

As long as that stupidity has the power to hurt other people, we’re obliged to pay attention. It’s not about changing their minds, it’s about preventing and reducing the damage they do.

Take, for example, a denialist who comes on a BBS to argue that an event like this is just normal weather that’s happened before. We’re not going to convince someone who doesn’t understand the basic concept of intensity and frequency changing over time in measurable ways, any more than we’ll convince someone who believes climate change is a hoax perpetrated by Biden or Bill Gates or da Jooos using their space lasers.

They’re write-offs. All we can do is catalogue their stupid argument, mock them for it, and try to keep them away from positions where they can turn their idiocy into policy.


I could respond with facts, data, charts and maps. I suspect you would dismiss these out of hand as “librul bullshit” or some such. The truth of the matter is easily accessible and well verified. Please educate yourself.


The really wild thing with these folks is that we not only have 50 years of scientific research to back up the theory, we have the literal documents and acknowledgement of Exxon and other oil companies that they knew the science was correct back in the 80’s, and they opted to protect their profits and lie about it. There’s no reason to continue pushing the lie that climate change isn’t real, but conservatives are so wedded to their beliefs that they refuse to ever change or adapt them in the face of reality. They like to say “follow the money,” which in their case means “underpaid scientists doing critical research into our understanding of the world,” and not “oil companies raking in billions in profits who are paying propagandists to tell us to ignore those same scientists.” It’s mind boggling.