Yogurt commercial featuring lesbian couple enrages hate group


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Link on Heinz bottles sends customers to porn

So very mad.


Welp, time to buy Chobani instead of sticking to Fage all them time. I’m not sure I can taste the difference between them anyway.

Although, given the school-yard humor of consumers, I suppose it’s understandable that Fage didn’t want to be the first with a pro-gay ad…

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Outrageous! Everyone knows yogurt is the most heteronormative treat.


“Casual sex is bad enough, but showing people in a committed loving relationship? That’s just SICK!”


It’s a culture war.


In other words, busy bodies with too much time on their hands… Go back to work, lazies.


I am outraged, OUTRAGED by Chobani’s endorsement of such an offensive lifestyle! Stealing the covers is just wrong.


I wonder if the controversy would go away if the commercial ended with some guy walking out of the bathroom and hopping back in bed between them.


The “unnatural” argument is pretty fascinating. There’s lots of things that are “natural”, and it’s all pretty diverse by species as to what practices what and how often, but it’s ALL natural:

Filial cannibalism

But, somewhere along the way, it was decided which of these was appropriate for modern humans, regardless of what we know took place in the (sometimes not too distant) past.


I like Fage’s tip-in fruits; I think you end up with more intense flavors when the flavoring and the yogurt don’t have to live in the same plastic compartment for weeks before reaching the consumer. On the other hand, Chobani’s seasonal watermelon is possibly my favorite flavor ever.


This group seems to specialize in protesting dairy-based foods. Last time it was

Schweddy Balls Leaves Bad Taste in One Million Moms' Mouths

Let’s hope that the Yogurt company prevails this time, so the headline can be

One Million Moms Finally Licked by Determined Lesbians


Hee hee!


I think thirty Helens have a better perspective.



*The “O” is for “off”


And they’re trying to ferment rebellion!


The 1MM Moms FB page is a pure delight.

Anyone who can translate that into English (I’ll even take Spanish) gets awarded a lifetime supply of Chobani.

Sometimes I wish Jesus would come back just to set the record straight. If he said he’s fine with it, then all these people can go find something real to start complaining about. If he’s not, then all the gay people can go find someone else to pray to.


Wait a sec wait a sec.

I think we could be onto something, we could end all this.

So, they boycott products, and they’re spread all over the western world, and there are supposedly only a million of them but probably far less.

Now, we just get every advertising agency & in-house marketing department to release ads featuring LGTB and others that offend the dear moms…

we can starve them out.


I may just decide to have some of this yogurt just on principles even though yogurt is one of those things I just would rather not eat.


…madder than an arsonist group at an asbestos factory.

…actually, this is not the best comparison…

…and that’s just the first page of results…