One Million Moms, a far-right Christian group, is offended by Hallmark commercial of newlywed women kissing

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The group — whose parent organization, American Family Association, has been named as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its work “combating the homosexual agenda” — quoted remarks from viewers who said that they were “fed up with having the gay agenda crammed down our throats”

Pretty sure that’s not a sex act normally associated with lesbians.


Just a Christian group. NOT far right. Don’t politicize religion please.

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1 million people would be a third of a percent of the US population. Seems less impressive in that context. Should we let 0.3% of people dictate culture to the rest of us? probably not.


A hate group by any other name, and not very ‘Christ-like’ in behavior.


Not just a Xian group.

Xian leaders are political animals.

I’ll do as I please.


We’ll stop politicizing their religion when their religion gets the fuck out of politics.


One Million Moms aka 2 crazy women and 1 who gets dragged along on these things because she is trying to get the other 2 hooked on a MLM scheme.


Trust me, the rest of us would prefer it if the conservative Christians would stop politicizing religion.


I thought the collective noun was “clutch” as in clutching one’s pearls.


Where are you getting that? Their own website doesn’t even mention Christianity.

I have no doubt that many of their members likely identify as Evangelical Christians but make no mistake, their organization is an anti-LGBT lobbying group, not a Bible study group.


Nope. They are far right.

The venn diagram for “Conservative Christian gay hating bigots” and “White Supremacists” is a single circle.


Too late - they were set up as a political group - and yes a far right one at that.

The American Family Association ( AFA ) is a fundamentalist Protestant 501©(3) organization based in the United States.[3][4][5][6][7][8] It opposes LGBT rights and expression, pornography, and abortion.[9][10] It also takes a position on a variety of other public policy goals. It was founded in 1977 by Donald Wildmon as the National Federation for Decency and is headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi.

One Million Moms/One Million Dads project

AFA created One Million Moms and One Million Dads, two websites with the stated goal of mobilizing parents to “stop the exploitation of children” by the media. It uses these websites to organize boycotts and urge activists to send emails to mainstream companies employing advertising, selling products, or advertising on television shows they find offensive.[93] In 2012, the group started and then backed off from a failed campaign against the hiring of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson for department store chain JC Penney.[94] They opposed her employment on the grounds that DeGeneres is “an open homosexual”.[95] At a taping of her show, DeGeneres informed her audience of the fizzled effort: “They wanted to get me fired and I am proud and happy to say JC Penney stuck by their decision to make me their spokesperson.”[96]

The One Million Moms campaign expressed opposition to Marvel and DC Comics issues which featured gay characters, describing the storylines as a “brainwashing and desensitizing experience” for children, written to “influence them in thinking that a gay lifestyle choice is normal and desirable.”[97]

The organization has also criticized GEICO for a commercial showing Maxwell the Pig in a car with a human girl, saying it suggests bestiality.[98]

In 2015, the organization criticized a Campbell’s ad that depicted two dads taking care of their child by feeding him Campbell’s Star Wars soup. The organization claimed the ad “normaliz[ed] sin.”[99]


I love how this oral fixation with anti-gay bigots makes them look so closeted.

The louder and more frequent one’s objections to homosexuality are, the more likely one is to be a homosexual.’s_Law


That ship has sailed, my man.


If a group that defines itself as a religious group is engaged in political activities, we’re not the one’s who are politicizing religion.


There is a straight line between groups like this and the Moral Majority of the 1970s, who explicitly got involved in politics.


Yes, everyone, let’s make sure not to politicize this bigoted fuckfest of a non-profit. It might hurt their feelings.


It’s even less impressive when you realize that their actual membership is several orders of magnitude smaller than their name implies, but falsely claiming to be “the voice of the majority” is a standard practice for far right/christian hate groups, as is naming themselves after things they aren’t.


But everyone knows what that is code for… and as @KathyPartdeux established, they have ties to religious organizations. So, yes, whether they admit it or not, they are a religious group.


Yes, I see that now. Looks like they went out of their way to hide One Million Moms’ origins as a fundamentalist Protestant group so they could spin it as a secular political movement.