Soylent Green prop from 1972 movie sold at auction for $2250




Soylent Green is balsa! Soylent Green is balsa!


MMMMM. . . Soylent Green. . . now with more girls !!! (And I actually HAVE a box, they’re spinach crackers. . . )


I don’t see what’s so surprising that Soylent Green is people.

Because everything is.

For example:

“Boing Boing is People!”

“The Internet is People!”

“The World is People!”

See? “Everything is People!”


Soylent Green isn’t plankton! Soylent Green isn’t plankton!

And is it just me, or does the label suggest that they’ve already overfished the plankton stocks of the oceans of the world? can we stop overfishing before that, or is this another dystopia our greedy overlords intend to implement [alongside 1984, since it was easier than Brave New World, and alongside… damn are there any dystopias like the prison-industrial complex? I suppose I should be thankful we’re not in Genesis of the Daleks.].


Fish! Plankton! And Protein from the Sea! Oops, wrong movie right era.


In the course of the movie, Detective Thorn finds a ecological survey report published by Soylent Corporation. (On real paper!) Thorn’s roomate / researcher Sol and his friends look it over an realize that the ocean ecosystems have collapsed. Following up on that leads Thorn to the terrible secret.

Soylent Green was the first place I heard about the Greenhouse Effect.


Our dogs always loved People Crackers…


Well you may have missed the target, but you hit the Box. . .


Stupid enough to buy it? For a couple grand that seems like a pretty freaking awesome piece of movie memorabilia, I mean, think about how many people you could show it to and be all like, “Ihave the REAL soylent green!!!”


The plankton thing was always a lie. Soylent Green gets its name from the ingredients: Soy and Lentils.

Personally I think dead people sounds a bit more appetizing.


What is the secret of Soylent Green?
The TV promos are burned into my psyche… I spent many a night watching it on the Late Late Movie when I was a kid.


Hey, people!


Ah… looks like only the cracker is an actual movie prop (although even that seems slightly vague in the lot description), and the can was created “for promotional purposes” for the movie. That puts it a bit more in the MAS*H Beer category, but still pretty cool.


Yes, I obscurely elude to the same premise.

Weird the prop crackers are square and the container round.


In what kind of sick dystopian future would people need a can opener to eat a cracker?


Well, I am a “people person.”


As Brainspore indirectly pointed out the future of 2022 isn’t going to put Soylent Green in a tin can (which btw make excellent tennis ball canons !) The future in the 70s still looks like the 70s! Even down to the balsa wood as the soylent chip.

I notice this archaicism phenomena in The Expanse science fiction trilogy where they talk about soy protein as one of the main foods in space. I don’t think it’s going to be soy at least not in that way. I think it’s going to be cultured meat high in Omega 3s. That or butter.


Welllllll, space isn’t people.


Which is why space is whole lots of nothing.