Mystery man smashes up Apple store


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Ugh what an awful day of work for those guards… Can anyone translate what the metal ball dude is saying when he’s bashing the electronics?

  1. Wow. That’s punk as f**k, or French…or both.

  2. What the hell is he saying?

  3. I’m a pc/android, so…not sad.


So, it’s a hate-crime then?


Well, I’m getting rather impatient for the iCar too.


You want to know what’s going on?
That’s going on.


Be honest: how many of us have secretly wanted to do this but didn’t have the cajones to follow through?


Remember, for every iPhone you see there are a hundred more in the walls.


I’ve wanted to smash my own hardware for the most part, but not really wanted to go to a store to smash things that didn’t belong to me.


Such a simplified user experience!


It was a protest against idiots who shoot video in portrait mode.


FYI, here’s the mall’s tripadvisor entry:

Seems a nice enough place, though its facade reminds me a bit of the Duluth airport. Maybe he was confused and thought he was in Northern Minnesota?


DING DING DING! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! 100 BoingBoing points for you.



Un mech detruit un Apple Store?



He is complaining that Apple violates his consumer right by refusing to reimburse a defective product as required by European laws (not actual laws, since the EU does not make laws). Somehow, this justify smashing their in store products but he does not explain that part. He only implies this is the right thing to do and they deserve it.


This BBC article claims that he was saying that Apple violates customer rights and that he was refused a refund.

Ironically, depending on the French justice system of course, I’d guess he’ll be buying a lot more Apple products by court order…


Someone really misses their headphone jack!


By “cajones” you mean “balls of steel?” Or at least one ball made of a similarly dense metal?