Woman was told by AppleCare that he could walk in the store and a part


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i understand her frustration. you have to make an appointment, just to grab the smallest little shit like a screw that fell out of your laptop. it’s just dumb.

appointments for Helpdesk & shit ? sure, make one, i’ll it down, show you my probmen and you can fix it.

but if its just a part or warrenty ‘get me a new one’ you shouldnt have to come back the next day.


They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard! (Also)

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Just wait until the kid is old enough for parent teacher conferences, that’ll be something else.


Lady, you can’t just walk in here and get a part. You have to audition like everyone else.


Fuckin’ AppleCare.

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Where’s that katana when you really need it?

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Well…did she get it? Did the geniuses deem her worthy?


Maybe she’s an aspiring actress (see: Tobias Funke) and thought “part” meant “part” as in acting, and is putting on a show so that she will get said part. This is, of course, contingent on the unfilmed following part of the conversation in which she yells “I’M AN ACTRESS” and begins sobbing loudly.


George Lucas upper right corner?

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I have to admit that the one time I tried to get my wife’s computer worked on there, I acted just about the same way, based on the BS line they gave me about aftermarket RAM causing the motherboard fan controller to fail. I ended up bringing it home and modifying it with a big power resistor sticking out the back, but it worked and cost me nothing.


I’ve noticed that Apple Store will always open negotiations by taking a whack at you with some generic line to try to blow you off. Maybe it’s only me, maybe it’s only Applecare customers; the latter would be quite immoral.

Once, the “Genius” started leading in to a question about my third-party RAM and I quickly shut him down by “reminding” him (he knows damned well…) that there are instructions in the freaking manual about how to upgrade the RAM (non-Retina Macbook Pro) and that it’s a user-serviceable component.

Another time, they had nothing on me, so they tried to accuse me of not cycling the battery often enough (!!), thus degrading its life. I calmly pointed out that I had been, in fact, cycling the battery, on average, once every two days and offered to help him with his arithmetic.

The key to surviving (and thriving) in the white lucite jungle is to always maintain one’s calm assertiveness. It’s not fair, and it’s quite ridiculous, but it works and it’s what you have to do. Keep calm, repeatedly ask for what you want, hell you can even just repeat it verbatim, over and over again, even that’ll work. Go for a little bit of snarkiness iff that helps you keep grips on the situation. Wear decent clothes. Whatever.


Keep calm

In my experience, depending on the situation it’s sometimes better to freak out (a little). I tend to let them know how much money I’ve lost, etc. dealing with the issue (if it’s Apple’s fault) and if that doesn’t goose them, I’ll raise my voice a bit (nowhere near what this lady did though) if they start stonewalling my ass. It sometimes pays to be stubborn and fierce as long as you have right on your side. However, if you waltz in there after you’ve spilled a bunch of liquid on your laptop, then forget it. Even groveling won’t save you then.

That said, I’ve had mostly very good experiences with Applecare where they really do seem determined to help fix the issues. Then again, it could be that I frighten them a little.

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You think with a statement like this you can have the part?! You can have the chicken.


If a freaking talking cow walked into my work I’d be frightened :smiley:


So I loved the melody of her shout. So I used it to write a song.
It would be nice to have some musical accompaniment but she didn’t so it’s A cappella.
Here is the link
Check it out.

She does look a lot like Miranda Hobbes/Cynthia Nixon!

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An appointment? How pretentious. Fuck them and YOU GO lady!

It’s sad that when you’ve had a really shitty day, probably with kids driving you up the wall, and you’re at your wits’ end, and when some asshole at the Apple Store fobs you off and, in a vulnerable moment, you lose your composure just a bit, the first thought that pops into other people’s heads is “I can humiliate this woman on the internet”? (I know that’s a mouthful, sue me)

Why the need to record this?


Of course since this is a vine, it leaves out the 1/2 hour of reasonable complaint, answered by Genius BS, that undoubtedly preceded this outburst.