Apple fires misogynistic employee just hours after he was hired

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You think I’m bad, you should meet other people in tech.

Ah yes, the old “there are worse people than me” defense.


That would make for a palatable Walter Isaacson short form biography.


Chaos Monkeys , which was published when he was 40 and a man-baby/tech-bro.



Probably the type of person who will still put it on their resume that they worked at Apple.


The “woman he was falling in love with” apparently so important to him that she doesn’t even actually get named?

Also I’d like to note that men never seem to think being able to do a traditionally female skill like sewing might come in handy in the apocalypse. No, it’s always “can wrestle a bear and punch firewood right out of a tree”


He probably has a bright future with the Florida blogger :sweat_smile:


One of the many hobbies my Dear Wife and I enjoy doing together. It’s very meditative.


I think it’s correct. just googled and found a website where there are a lot of worse people than him.


Aahhh it’s ok then. He’s only devaluing all women to prove that there’s one that is better than the others he could get to console himself so he can justify having an emotional attachment to a thing that is so useless and pathetic and hated by him as women!

What a catch! I bet if she limits herself only to abusive silicon valley tech bros why she’ll never find better!


This dude is the veritable freight train of emotional baggage in search of a unsuspecting victim to dump it on. Yuck.


Indeed, when I’m replacing a button, I often think, “Am I going to sew my finger to my waistband this time?”


No pain, no glory.



product manager for Facebook’s ad targeting team

'Nuff said.


Ugh…a bunch of pretentious, misogynistic garbage written by a pompous SV tech-bro douche. Far too many of these assholes in the world…time for a purge.

Vomit Puke GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden


the reality is, come the epidemic plague or foreign invasion, they’d become precisely the sort of useless baggage you’d trade for a box of shotgun shells or a jerry can of diesel.

The reality is, the epidemic plague did come and women (nurses, caregivers, mothers, etc.) did a lot more to mitigate the situation than an arrogant and sexist man-child techbro like this.

Guys like this need to learn that there’s nothing charming or genuinely self-deprecating about being “an overpaid Silicon Valley Wastrel”, especially one who habitually lies to investors (which means he lies to co-workers, especially those who report to him).

I’ve worked in the Internet industry for decades, long enough to know that “not being as bad as other people in tech” allows a whole lot of room for awfulness. Apple’s HR managers should know that at well, especially when a candidate offers up evidence of his horribleness in book form.


Okay, so let’s be charitable: his use of language and mode of expression is a blend of his real experiences and doing “a bit”, as he tries to sound like a Hunter S. Thompson pastiche (failing, but let’s set that aside). As an artistic expression, this may or may not have merits, but here’s one important thing:

Nobody in their right mind would have hired Hunter S. Thompson to be an executive of anything. You can’t try and embody the spirit of a drug-addled lunatic reading the pulse of America rectally and then think that you should also be an executive. Life is about choices.

(Also, as a recent 42 year old, I can’t even fathom the idea of writing a memoir. What a weird, self-aggrandizing habit.)


I could give it a pass if he’d written it at 17. 40? Yeah that checks out with the scene but shit… ugh… people shouldn’t still be like that at 40. Maybe that’s ageist of me really but damn it’s just so immature though.


He keeps her anonymous, but drops clues that would help to identify her.

Two generations ago, her branch of the family, moneyed Jews in czarist Russia, had seen the revolutionary writing on the wall and had fled to the United Kingdom. Another branch moved to China and became an established trading family in Harbin. In Britain, the family made the unlikely transition to landed gentry, and ran a farm in Bedfordshire. A great-uncle was elevated to the peerage, and a second cousin shared the Nobel Prize with Alexander Fleming for penicillin.