Mystery of creepy painting solved


What an entertaining prank this would be to pull — paint a person as an old creep and anonymously mail it to them. Anyone who’s read The Picture of Dorian Gray couldn’t bring themselves to throw it away, so they’d have this creepy old painting in their house for the rest of their life.

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High res of The Hands Resist Him


Now that’s creepy.

I don’t see the painting as creepy. It just appears to be an old woman without teeth. The circumstances in receiving it were odd/creepy.


Creeping paint is usually from too much solvent.

the Mistaker


She: ““This “Horrible Old Crone” is not sitting in this house””

Him: ““That’s me Great Great Grandmum””

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When we cherish the Crones for the value they bring to humanity once more, we will have peace. Grandmothers are valuable, bring them in.


Was her maiden name Curwen?

I like the painting! Honestly, I wish some one would send me a painting like that!

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