Trailer: Big Eyes, Tim Burton's film about the Keane art scandal



I first heard about the Keane art controversy in The Happy Mutant Handbook, which was also my intro to BoingBoing itself.

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Back in the 60s, my great aunt had one of those prints hanging in her house. And a bullfighter on black velvet, and one of those kitkat clocks where the eyes and tail move back and forth. If you walked into that place today, you’d guess it belonged to some ironic hipster.


Did she have a print of Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl too?

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Newbornstranger, that’s awesome!! Thanks.

Whoa, I’ve never had heard or seen that before. It amazes me how with art (especially 20th century) I feel like I can get a grasp on it, and then find out I know even less

No, her tastes ran more towards a portrait of John Wayne done is charcoal.

And every dentist’s office had a print of Christine’s World.

Except that I just read that this was Andrew Wyeth’s painting of his neighbor who was crippled by polio, so now it seems lot harder to dismiss.

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It looks like Christopher waltz is basically doing the sociopathic Nazi Hans Landa character from “Inglorious Bastards.”

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Bit sad to see the scummy husband have a longer wikipedia entry. Not sad enough to do anything about it.

You should check out Just Above the Mantelpiece.

Bonus: the book’s covered is flocked with red “velvet.”

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Pretty sure it’s Christoph Waltz, not Christopher. Great book. Glad to see Burton doing something in which he seems genuinely interested. That tends to be when he does his best work.

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