Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Bat-VAN!



Not quite up to George Barris’ standards.

i bet the person who owns that is Coolreepy!

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Sadly, this is just a Photoshop job that was floating around about a year or so ago

Original pic here:

Still awesome though!


The original version, while not the Bat Van, was amazing in its own right.


How do you fit both an engine and driver in the front of that thing?

I used to think I knew what the coolest thing was, however, just now, I know what the coolest thing is.

This Bat-damned mini-van!!

There is a VW repair shop in Round Lake, NY that has the salvaged body of a batman themed microbus out back. Like they scrapped the frame but the body was too cool. Was/is this a thing? Bat-vans, that is.

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Behold the Kombi, or the VW bus for you american people:


Grrrnh-grrrnh-grrrnh-grrrnh-grrrnh-grrrnh-grrrnh-VAROOM Bat-VAN!

Who wins?

This is a good excuse as any to mention the 1940s model was still made in Brazil, more or less unchanged, until last year. The ‘last wishes’ ad film is a favorite.

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WTH is that? A modified Brubaker Box?

Unable to finish watching that here in the office.


I, uh, got something under my contact lens.

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Is that Jerry Pournelle?

I could actually see Adam West in one of these.

This one is real, and real awesome. It can get out of it’s own way & was built for < $2k.


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