Naked squishy people falling down


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Coachella simulator


Needs more dongs.


Is it wrong that my first thought upon seeing that title was @OtherMichael?


Okay, I can understand the men, but why do the women swell up at the end?


Where can I buy a pair of these bookends?



The end product reminds me a little of Gustav Vigeland’s Monolith in the Oslo Norway sculpture park bearing his name.

The park’s sculptures depict a plenitude of penises. (All rock hard, but none erect - as far as I know)


It’s like a cross between one of R. Crumb’s tortured sketchbook fantasies and a street mime who is condemned to eternity inside an invisible box.


Both of them do. I thought they were like hollow rubber chickens - they collapse as they fall, then springingly reinflate.


So, clearly needs a “Duck army” soundtrack, right!?


Very unpleasant.


Now there’s a good idea. Also, with the addition of “soundproof”, for the country and western singers we get infesting our town centres.


A soundproof, opaque box.

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