Narco Polo: Benjamin Franklin's "Mind Your Business" coin



This sure puts “the Founding Fathers wanted to create a Christian nation” meme to rest.

Mind your business has two meanings: Keep your nose out of my personal items; and Tend to your occupation. I wonder which one BF meant.

I’d bet both.

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To begin with, I LOATHE this lousy non-intuitive posting system, full of flash and drang (and kiss-my-asteriskses) signifying nothing. (I can get used to it however. I can get used to anything. But your cavalier treatment of my prior password is a transgression I will not recover from so easily. I put a lot of work into crafting mnemonics and I do not like it when some stupid system disregard them. I will probably be emailing you time and again because of YOUR failure. [Hey, I didn’t write this piece of crap so its not MY problem.])

Next, I think that, Ben Franklin be damned, I have no objection to a surveillance society (we used to live under the same restrictions when my grand-father was alive,) BUT, and this is a HEAVY but, no-one is to be considered exempt or to consider himself (or herself) exempt from constant surveillance.

There is no easy out for a politician. If you can know my inseam, I insist on reciprocity.

If anyone is allowed to construct a social graph for me, I must be able to construct a social graph for anyone.

If my emails are being stored and possibly read, so must every politician’s emails be stored and read.

Every politician’s emails must be stored and read? Yeah, right.

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