#FBIvsApple could lead to "virtually limitless" surveillance powers, warns judge in iPhone case

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It’s just a temporary measure - just while we’re at war with Eastasia


I wonder what the Founding Fathers would have thought when the FBI went for their Freemasons code-books? Not like a society with secrets is part of the foundation of the nation or anything originalist like that.

only people with something to hide use encryption?

No more privacy means no more domestic tranquility. No more freedom to pursue happiness.


I think I know how to end this conversation. “Mr Director, what powers would you feel uncomfortable putting in the hands of President Trump?”


It’s not like the writer of the declaration of independence saw any value to encryption… oh wait…

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I’m rather impressed by the judge’s display of knowledge regarding the technological environment of the issue. Either he’s at least generally well read on those matters, or he did some research, but he clearly considered the problem in its entirety, not through a narrow judicial angle. Good job!

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