NASA chief scientist bullish on ET evidence by 2045




But he has no evidence for this evidence?


Whenever someone uses the Drake equation to try and prove there couldn’t possibly be life as we know it that we’ll ever be able to communicate with I point out that while we might have a pretty good grasp of the rate of star formation in our galaxy the rest of the variables have to be filled in with “we don’t know”.

Of course that cuts both ways.


The Rare Earth guys had some pretty educated guesses on a few parameters, and the answers are not encouraging at all. Plus the whole business about the speed of light.



The Drake equation doesn’t really apply here, though. He just means simple microbes.


True enough, the Drake equation doesn’t impact this particular campaign, but these results definitely itely impact the Drake equation. In terms of planetary formation and life on each planet, those two variables are looking better and better for finding life in the universe. The others are still pretty much the same guesswork as before.


Does this person really look like a he to you folks?


I just got back from 2045. Efforts to communicate with Space Lichen have left us with more questions than answers.


As a follower and supporter of that organization, I would much rather see them underpromising and overdelivering than the other way around.


Good point, although I find it hard to even get past the question, How many planets develop life? I don’t think we can make any kind of estimate of how many planets might have even simple microbes. Our data set is just too small.


I’ll tell you one thing about the universe, though. The universe is a pretty big place. It’s bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if it’s just us… seems like an awful waste of space. Right?


But how did it taste?


Well, I was simply referring to the person who actually wrote the arti- OH CRAP THAT’S ALSO A WOMAN.

Yeah, you got me. I didn’t think I still had a “default male” bias, but there it is.


biases are really, really obnoxious :smiley:

and when the article says ‘we know how to look for them’ i really want it to be giant europa drills.


This is the thing. The skies are dark and quiet. Extraterrestrial environments which we have studied are pristine. If intelligent life developed with the frequency assumed by the drake equation, given the number of environments we know are favourable to life, we should be seeing some activity.


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