'NASA: On the Edge of Forever' explores links between Star Trek and the ISS


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I wacky parsed that as ISIS and thought WTF? I can’t be the only one.


@xeni blank title here on the BBS.

eta: fixed thanks!


Probably because the title on the main page says “Star Wars”


OOOps, yeah probably should be Star Trek…


As other have already noted, Trek != Wars. I was deeply confused by the Wars headline coupled with the Trek font. Then I realized it was an editing mistake. It still bothers me, but not quite as much.

Now it’s fixed, tho. Except for the URL, which is still busted:



Has NASA never heard of Skylab?


I did too! I thought it was a satire article until I read the headline a second time.

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed. :smirk:


I love the part where Obi-Wan was turning off HAL-9000…



‘NASA: The City On the Edge of Forever’ explores links between Star Trek and the ISS



O/t, but whenever I see Christopher Lee as Saruman or Count Dooku, I can’t help but think of him as Sender from The Stupids.


Enough with the fake lens flares already!!!


you are not. “Leave Star Trek alone, you filthy terrorists! This is one step too far! Uh… wait.”


Well, technically, 40-odd years are “more than 15 years”.


I salute that line of reasoning.


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