The International Space Station has been in orbit for 20 years!


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Okay, yes, this was a lovely video to watch…

But am I the only one annoyed with the lack of consistency in the text overlay? It was an arbitrary assortment of at least one of each of the following: cities, countries, geographical non-political terms, special collectivities, territories, administrative divisions and geographic features.


I was mainly annoyed by the paparazzi flash bulbs ruining the night time views :frowning:



If you look south of Hong Kong around 8m30s or so, the broad stretch of lights – sort of even in brightness, but scattered – in the bottom right are fishing fleets.


Interesting. That reminds me of my website:




very nice to hear about it. i hope we humans may develop a spaceship so we can go to outer space and explore new things.


And here are the next centuries:


We saw ISS go over on Thanksgiving night. So neat to look up in the sky and know some of my fellow humans are hurtling past at impossible speeds and impossible distances.




I designed the mast-cannister (the deployable structure that supports the large solar arrays, two of which you can see in the video on the left of the image). The micrometeoroid and orbital debris analysis suggested that we would see a failure of at least one of these structures within six years due to a strike - apparently we have been quite lucky - or very conservative in our analysis.


Luck favours properly engineered structures.


That was quite the best part of that odd film


pity it requires flash player


If the movie “Armageddon” has taught me anything, it’s that dramatic effect will always counteract proper engineering.


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