NASA picks Elon Musk's SpaceX, Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin, & Dynetics to build lunar landing systems for manned moon mission

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What the hell? There are going to be Scientology recruitment centers on the moon now!? Will NASA be tasked with hunting down Xenu!?

Ohhh wait… Dynetics. Never mind.


Bread and circuses.


any lander concept drawings or mockups? They must have presented concepts to be selected.

Bezos to the Moon: Blue Origin joins SpaceX and Dynetics in a three-horse lunar lander race

Two of those will also be making use of United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) upcoming Vulcan launch system while the third continues to make big promises about its Starship, which seems to have taken a break from regular explosions and implosions during ground tests.

There was no love for Boeing, however, which has challenges of its own in getting NASA’s monster Space Launch System rocket to the launchpad.

Blue Origin’s pitch is a “national team” with Lockheed Martin dealing with the ascent element of the lander, Draper handling the guidance and navigation systems and Northrop Grumman taking care of transfer duties. Bezos’ crowd will be responsible for the descent portion of the system, with a lander powered by Blue Origin’s BE-7 engine.

Let’s see if Boeing manages to buy itself back in.




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@xeni, the Reuters link seems to be broken.

If we go back to the moon, that will be very exciting. I hope it happens again in my life time.


If they go with that third design it’s only a matter of time before some dudebro astronauts start posing for pics like this:


that looks like a grand plan for a day out


Will Musk complain about moonbase polices of keeping the airlock closed?


When will they build a Lunar prison colony? I mean, if ships are going up, they’ve gotta haul something, and many dissidents are lurking about. Exile is the answer.

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When they can equip it with a totally reliable and truthful AI mainframe.

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