NASA to space nerds: you have our blessing to drive this space probe


How hard is it to establish communications with something like that? Are all of the protocols neatly documented such that they can be easily re-implemented on modern hardware? Or do they have to break out some hulking behemoth with eight-inch floppies and vacuum tubes?


Read their RocketHub “kickstarter”… it is technical in itself to command it AND the old equipment has to be either simmed or re-engineered… FAST. Because that thing will be here in about two weeks. In fact, it’s already “here” and needs to be talked to soon or we have to wait another 30 years for the next flyby.

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NASA guys are civil servants, and a whole lot of them are former military. There has to be documentation out the wazoo. The wazoo is an engineering term, by the way.


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