NASA's "Eyes on Exoplanets" has hypothetical renderings of those so far discovered

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I love it! So are these automatically generated based on the data in the exoplanet database, or did some poor 3D artist have to build them all by hand?


What a fantastic resource. Definitely could have used it when I was writing my story, The Eiffel Tower of Trappist-1 d a couple of years ago to ensure I picked a good option for my space colony.

TRAPPIST-1 b is a super Earth exoplanet

No, no … 1 d.

TRAPPIST-1d is one of seven Earth-sized planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system



it takes 1.5 days to complete one orbit of its star

That planet is really travelling! An entire year in one and a half Earth days? I’m a total layperson when it comes to astrophysics, and I thought at first this must be a typo. But the Exoplanet Catalog sez 1.5 days so I guess 1.5 days it is.


Yeah, I’m guessing that means that it is so close to its star that it is tidally locked and therefore not a great candidate for life.

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Yeah, but a day is 2 years long. :thinking:

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