NASA's Juno to Soar Closest to Jupiter This Saturday

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Awesome. I remember being really disappointed that we would have to wait nearly two months after the initial flyby for Juno’s Jupiter porn but here we are. Time sure does fly. Or orbits in this case.


The whole family can enjoy it!

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Does that mean that you can see Juno with the naked eye?

/ Uh, if you’re standing on the surface of Jupiter.

// …and your name is Superman.

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That’s funny. NASA’s Solar System Simluator shows it 12.9 million miles away from Jupiter…

You misplaced a decimal point. It’s currently 1.14 million miles away as of 8/25/2016, 2140 (9:40 PM) EST, with a relative velocity (in relation to Jupiter) of 22,580 mph.

:popcorn: This is gonna be so cool :smiley:

so, dumb question: is 8:51am ET the point when it’s really at closest approach, or is that when the signal gets to Earth (53 minutes or so of light-speed delay).

As others have said, follow along in NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System simulation.

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